In chronological order, these are many of the things I have been, I am, I have qualified as and/or worked as over the years….


A daughter, Irish, inquisitive, trouble-seeking and trouble-making! Argumentative, strong-willed, fun, since birth

A pianist, since the age of 5

A swimmer, since the age of 5

An Irish dancer, since the age of 6

A Gaelic footballer, since the age of 10

A flautist, since the age of 11

An oboeist, since the age of 13

…Skipping a few years…

A music teacher, since the age of 18

A university student, at the age of 19

A party-er, since forever

A mechanical & manufacturing engineer, since the age of 23

A graduate, since the age or 23

A buyer, at the age of 25

A project manager, since the age of 25

And since then….

A girlfriend, a masters student and post graduate, a business development manager, a management consultant, a wife, an acupunturist, a health addict*, a mother, mum, mammy who wants to do the best for her baba….who for the purposes of some anonymity is called Sunflower.

This is me. And all this time I’ve been chatty, inquisitive, open-minded, argumentative, and many more things besides!


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