Forget resolutions. 2016 will be different. 


in bed with me to find the time

Last January I blogged this post about what I was going to do in 2015. I failed. I know why. I hadn’t written it down. Sure I wrote it in a blog post but I hadn’t gone through a real goal setting process. I had no visible goals, I had nothing to review and measure myself against. I had no my linked my goals to my motivations and values and beliefs. I was never going to achieve from the outset.

I’m putting all this right for 2016. It’s not not a “new year, new me” thing, it’s just that I recently had the process handed to me on a plate. Virtually that is. Leonie Dawson has developed the most fun and simple process for working through one of the most challenging things to do – identifying and setting true goals to help us achieve our dreams.

I’d never heard of Leonie Dawson until a week ago, now I have these fabulous workbooks and diary in front of me and am a signed up affiliate (if you choose to purchase anything of hers through my links she says “thank you” to me for the referral, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra or different! Yay!

I’m not going to recommend her workbooks and programmes just yet. I’m going to work my way through them and see what I think.

My workbooks arrive on Friday. They are colourful and joyous and leaped out of the packaging so quickly that I really feel fabulously motivated to “do them”. And I have committed that I will do something in them every day – even if it’s only answering one of the questions / completing one more box. Because with constancy comes commitment and the ability to make it real by keeping it in mind every day. 

This process is fabulous. It’s something I have done in parts of my life before – often through work in terms of setting annual career goals, or understanding myself, or the brown paper plan the my Oak and I did for a few years until we had babies – and in those years we achieved a lot – like I mean A LOT. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. Travelly. Date night-y. Property-ownership-y. Etc. When we wrote down our goals we achieved them. Every time. And each of us kept the other on track. 

So now I’m taking on this new challenge. Now longer am I using the excuse of “I don’t have the time”. I have to find the time. 

I’m hopefully going to blog a little of my journey through the books and I’ll let you know if I would recommend them along the way. 

For now, love my workbooks. I love that i got proper printed out hardware workbooks. I didn’t just get ebooks or PDFs that I had to print myself I got tangible stuff that I can carry around, write on, and really make my own. 

So far I have started both my Life and my Business workbooks in tandem. I love he first section where I review 2015. This has really really really helped my so far. And I’m starting the 2016 stuff over the coming evenings. 

Thanks Leonie!

I’ll post more when I’ve done some more!!

A x

Leonie Dawson stuff!


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