New Year, New Me

I didn’t welcome in the New Year with a glass of bubbly and tons of chocolate like my previous life, instead I was curled up in bed with my hubby chatting through some of the things that we can each do to make 2015 a better year for us both, and Sunflower.

Now I haven’t make resolutions, these generally fall by the wayside by the end of January.  Instead, I’m going to do things more consistently, simplify my life, and create the space to be a better me, better mammy. better wife, better friend, better blogger, better me.  Because I want to be better; and I can be better.

Now there are some things that I cannot change (and I have tried!), such as Sunflower’s habit of waking me a number of times per night, the job my husband currently has and the stress it introduces into our life (not a short term fix at least), who my family are and how some people around me behave.  However, I can change much much more, and they all start with me.

To help me become a better me, I have taken a commitment to:

  • Make, and keep refreshing my To-Do list.  I’m not usually a list person, though I find that when I do have a list, I don’t have to remember so much and can be much more productive with my spare time. I know what to do in a split second rather than wreaking my brains for 20 minutes to figure out what was it I was supposed to do today?!
  • Create a weekly food plan.  Removing the daily decision of what are going to eat and what preparation do I have to do will remove a lot of internal stress (it’s surprising how much these little daily decisions wear you out, I will blog about decision fatigue soon)
  • Run the house like a business.  No business would ever survive in the manner that we run our households (speaking from the general public view), they would lose money hand over fist.  So I’m going to adopt sensible ways of doing things, introduce some routine (which I usually rebel against) that will actually make me and the house more efficient.
  • Blog more frequently.  I’ve been attempting to blog for a while but have not made the commitment to do it.  I’ve promised myself I will blog at least once per week.  I need to do more to create my online profile and generate content for you to read, however, I will aim for one and hopefully achieve more!

If you have any suggestions for becoming a better you I would love to hear them! I cannot promise that I won’t borrow other people’s ideas!

For now – good luck and good evening.  Have a fabulous 2015!


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