What a Mammy wants to do…

It’s been a long year, teething, back to work, overall exhaustion amongst much more means I’ve let this slip. I have not, however, slipped on my goals as a mum. I still want to give my little Sunflower the very best that I can. I am learning how to do this without spending hand over fist!

Over the last few months, I’ve started to get a handle on my role, and indeed Daddy’s role, as Educator in Sunflower’s life.  We are the primary educators until she goes to school, that said, we don’t plan on quitting this role ever and want to be there as role models and educators for her as long as she chooses! This means that we have to continue learning ourselves so that we can continue teaching! Sunflower also goes to a childminder 3 days a week which she loves. And this is not only good for her to have someone else to interact with other than me, it also gives me some time – for work, for rest, for chores, for play etc!

A fabulous blog I found last week is called The Imagination Tree. And the most interesting post, and probably important post I will read in a long time is on the Important of Play.  I suggest you have a read – the best 10 minutes reading any parent could do!

This, along with some other fabulous websites mean that I don’t have to do all the thinking for myself, instead I can learn from them and experiment alongside my daughter. I am truly looking forward to making and creating things with my baba, and learning and having fun with her through doing so. There is lots to do, and lots of time to do it. So bring on the fun!



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