Do you give your baby dessert?

Last week a friend visited with her daughter for lunch. During lunch i asked if she gave dessert every day to which the response was “I didn’t until the health visitor told me I should” – twice a day!
I was horrified that anyone would recommend that we feed babies a dessert (albeit fruit, yogurt etc) after every lunch and dinner. Setting us up for a fall I think! I certainly don’t have dessert twice a week nevermind twice a day!  And encouraging out babies to have a sweet tooth is not going to do them any favours in the long run.
On the nutrition side, there is nothing in fruit that the body cannot get from other vegetable sources.
Then comes the issue of feeding fruit after a meal, especially if that meal has had a starchy or heavy carb and / or protein. Both of these are slower to digest than fruit resulting in the fruit fermenting as it sits on top of the rest of the food in the stomach – potentially leading to gas and bloating. And this does not just apply to baby!
I do not believe that our medical profession, one that is constantly earning is continuously warning of the childhood obesity epidemic is also telling, nay instructing us to feed our babies dessert and pudding after meals, twice a day!
Instead, I call on mothers out there to stand up for yourself and believe in yourself. You though it was ok just to give baby some meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner. It is. It is the perfect meal. Trust yourself.
Now all that said, when I do give my Sunflower dessert, which is rarely as I prefer to fill her up on meat and veg, she loves a bit of my Avocado Blueberry “yogurt”, which isn’t really yogurt at all! Or some natural live yogurt with some fresh or stewed fruit.

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