Baby Sleep….or not as the case may be…

As I build up my blogs I’m sure I’ll cover much more than baby stuff, however, as that is what’s hot on my plate right now, that’s my area of focus!

My little one has had one 8+ hour sleep in her 7+ month life so far, and that was last Thursday. I know this because I’m addicted to tracking everything! I can go back in time to 3 weeks old for sleep records and to 3 days old for feeding.

You see, in my other job, my pre-baby life, I analyse stuff, closely. So why would my little Sunflower (not her real name, but a name to protect her on the www!) be different?!

It started because I couldn’t remember which boob I had fed from a hour previously, I didn’t know how long Sunflower was feeding for and I didn’t really know how long she slept for…all the answers to the basic questions my midwife and health visitors wanted to know. I was so tired (as are most new moms) that sometimes I couldn’t remember if I had managed to shower that same morning. So I thought, surely there’s an [iphone] app for this…? And there is! Joy! For anyone interested…

So, back on topic. Baby sleep. Or distinct lack thereof in our case. My little girl had her fist big sleep ever last Thursday night – 8:10 min! And the norm has been 2:30-3:30 lengths of sleep with frequent nights of 1:30! Argh! The sleep deprivation that goes along with this is not pleasant. Whilst I dearly love my baba, I do also feel that we are some way behind our peers on the sleeping! 

On meeting with health visitors, doctors, and every other Joe Soap on the street, they All offer advice, and then surmise with “sure maybe she just doesn’t want to sleep!” AS IF! I know my baby, and she does not like being awake in the middle of the night.  She tosses and turns, grunts and groans, and really leaves it until the last resort to call me to help her.  You see, I figured out (through 3am google sessions!) that Sunflower has Silent Reflux, and I didn’t figure this out until she was 6 months old! 

The relief I felt when I realized this was enormous.  Not that I was happy my little darling had refluxm but that I now knew what it was and could start doing smithing about it, in a structured way.  And boy has life changed for both of us since then! Because Sunflower has always been breastfed, and had already started solids, this was going to be double the effort. And for me, Gaviscon and any other drugs were not the answer for us. Mre on that some other time.

But what has made a massive difference is keeping a very detailed food diary for both of us.  This has been tough, but so worth it. Daily, I now tick many fewer symptom boxes than I first did, and I can track what changes day by dayan both food and symptoms.  We are not there yet, but we are getting there. Despite the lack of support from our doctor, but I don’t mind, I know I’m not giving my little girl drugs or food that will cause her any issues later in life. And that to me, is fundamental.

If there are any questions on anything in my posts, please let me know, I hope to expand on many of these topics as my blogging grows, but in the meantime, if you have specific areas of interest you would like to know more about, please just ask.


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