First post – what to expect…or not

So here I am, starting to blog… I really don’t know where this will take me, but I feel strongly about so many things and the information I have been gathering over the last few years that it would be unjust not to share it! There are no many people out there who are looking for information, and if I can make one thing easier for one person then I will be happy!

Just over 7 months ago I became a mum, a mammy (the colloquial Irish term for a fabulous mother!), and since then I have even trying to remember what I did before, in fact I know I am much much more….hence the name of this blog.

Order the coming days, weeks, months, I would like to share some of the challenges I have faced, the frustrations I have encountered, the support and help i have experienced and the progresses I have made.  I addition, I will share some of the, as yet unknown quantitiesm of my future – my return to work, my diet and food, my experiences as the second in command (but really the one in charge) of a family unit!

I welcome comments, feedback, questions, and above all would like to spark debate.  I do not have the answers, but  I do have some passion about getting some, so everything I write is open to interpretation and discussion.  These are my thoughts, my feels, and my opinions, I do not expect that you will agree with all, some or anything I write, but perhaps I will spark some thoughts in your mind.  Let’s have some fun!


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