Baby Feeding Part 1 – Feeding Mammy

The most important part of feeding baby is feeding mammy.

There is increasing evidence that gut health directly influences generalhealth, emotional health and psychological well-being.  The importance of establishing a healthy balance of the right bacteria for babies is being recognized and the opportunity to positively impact your  lifetime health is now – in their earliest years. Continue reading

Baby Sleep….or not as the case may be…

As I build up my blogs I’m sure I’ll cover much more than baby stuff, however, as that is what’s hot on my plate right now, that’s my area of focus!

My little one has had one 8+ hour sleep in her 7+ month life so far, and that was last Thursday. I know this because I’m addicted to tracking everything! I can go back in time to 3 weeks old for sleep records and to 3 days old for feeding. Continue reading

Breastfeeding Part 1

When I first told my best friend of my pregnancy news, to say she was overjoyed is a bit of an understatement. About 12 months previously, when I went to meet her baby girl and said I had news for her, I massively disappointed her with the news my sister was expecting! Not that she wasn’t delighted for my sister, but really was waiting for me!

The conversation immediately jumped to breast feeding. How fabulous it is, Continue reading